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The Brand Accelerator Mastermind

Grow your online store faster by tapping into the collective knowledge, resources, and support of a community of other successful eComm founders.
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Who's it for?
For online stores generating up to 6 figures per year in sales.
What's the goal?
To grow your online store to 7+ Figures per year in sales.
Time Commitment?
An average of 15 Minutes Per week or a little more if you're hungry.
Masterminds Just Make Sense...
Imagine if you could shortcut your way to the perfect marketing strategies, the best tools, the greatest growth lessons, without all the time, effort & wasted money...

In a mastermind, you don't just benefit from the things you are doing, you are benefiting from what other 5 & 6 figure eComm brands are doing.
And with Brand Accelerator, we are committed to helping you grow your business faster, with less stress.
You'll also enjoy the journey more because you’ll have us. We love growing eCommerce brands, and we know that being a business owner can be hard and lonely without support of a community and mentorship.

What can Brand Accelerator do for you?

Marketing Strategies

We have a strong track record of taking brands from startup to 7 figures. So we teach the latest marketing trends for online stores to grow faster.

Conversion Strategies

With the ever changing online landscape, conversion strategies are shifting constantly. Every month you'll get the best insights.

Startup to 7 Figure Growth Strategies

Lean on the collective knowledge of us and our 5 & 6 figure founder community to get to the 7 figure level faster with your online store.

Better Systems

Pull yourself out of the whirlwind while enjoying your life balance more by systemizing the biggest headaches in your business at every stage.
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Real Founders, Real Results

We're humbled by the kind words from these amazing founders growing awesome brands.

“Zack & Nicolle’s guidance on marketing & advertising in our early stages scaling to multiple six figures per month was amazing. Their insights and knowledge around eCommerce in general is incredible.”
Bethany |
“I could not give The Smart Founder a better recommendation or review. Sales are sky rocketing! I'm never leaving. I found my ticket.”
Sarah |
“We took the leap and brought our marketing in-house. Zack made the move so much less stressful with their amazing training. After just a few weeks our ROAS went significantly up!”
Maddie |
“Hey Zack & Nicolle! Your expertise and guidance in advertising and the world of e-Commerce in general has been invaluable to my business. The amount that you've helped us scale this year is insane...”
Maradith |
“Zack & The Smart Founder have completely transformed our e-commerce business in a matter of weeks... Just even a few key updates Zack suggested elevated our business so much.”
Amanda |
“Their Understanding of Advertising is above and beyond what we could have hoped for. They helped us grow to multiple six figures per month within one year of working together.”
Allison |
Sarah | Founder of
Jenna & Maddie | Founders of
How does it work?
2 Live Mastermind Calls Each Month
Led by Zack and featuring everything that's working for scaling online stores to the 7 figure level. Marketing tactics, website optimizations, and brand growth strategies.

3 Live In-Person Events Each Year
Meet face-to-face with driven, successful entrepreneurs just like you, while focusing on deeper sales strategies, and having a great time connecting with other high-performing founders.

Premium Training Access ($12,000 Value)
As new trends develop, your entire team needs to stay on top of it. Give them access to our premium monthly group training bootcamps to up-level their performance in marketing & e-comm sales (the non-cheesy kind).

The Exclusive Community
You're always connected to Brand Accelerator. Any time you need to tap into the power of the group - before launching a promo, before hiring an agency or team member, committing to new software... We're all here to help you avoid the bad, and implement the good.
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How much is it?

Once accepted, instant access to everything listed above is $97 / Month or $970 Annually.

What's the ROI?

We're committed to help you make (and save) 3X the investment within 3 months of joining.

Who's in it?

We only allow actual eCommerce store owners with real brands. No agencies. No vendors. No sales pitches.

Who is it for?

It's for the founder who wants to get to the next level, to get past a peak, and to stress less & profit more.

How do I see value?

Simple! Engage in the online community, attend the live monthly trainings, and come to the live events.

Is this time consuming?

No! We stay focused. That said, you can engage every day or just once a week. You get the value you put in.
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2021 Live Event Schedule

We are holding 3x 3-day live (in-person) events every year exclusive to mastermind members. These are the most fun & powerful in-person sessions you've ever experienced.
Nashville, TN
May, 2021
Kelowna, BC (Canada)
August, 2021
Miami, FL
September, 2021
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We carefully review each application to keep the Mastermind Community focused with like-minded eCommerce founders. After we review your application, we'll schedule a call if it looks like the right fit!
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